B05 Richard Hoare b1515bef Leckhampton, Gloucester, England

Richard Hoare
b.1515bef in Lekhampton, Gloucester, England
d. xxxx xxxx
See the related DNA Groupings page for this family and others’ latest discoveries with DNA. See B09 for overall material.

Includes Hoare families in Tackley in 1600’s, Banbury in 1700’s, and Northampton in 1800’s.  Researcher suspects line is not linked to Charles Hoare family of Gloucester. Has extensive research on Hoare families in Gloucester of that time.

Since the flood of John Hord descendant’s who tested and joined in the Fall 2015, we now see a strong match between those tested and Malcolm here.  So now the search is to see where John Hord’s English ancestry merges into Malcoln’s researched line.  Until this link is discovered, we will keep them as a separate lines.  But they share the same DNA grouping page as they are one and the same.  And because of this link, we have moved the John Hord group from the Other Branches to the Active Branches along with Malcolm’s here.

Researchers and Descendants (current)

Malcolm Hoare *YRWgenRWJohn Hoare6, Thomas Hoare5, Robert Hoare4, Giles Hoare3, John Hoare2, Richard Hoare1
* Family member DNA tested; placed in group (YDNA-STR and/or Autosomal SNP aka FamilyFinder)
** DNA test results pending; believed group based on genealogical work only

Books and Articles