B09 Virginia Colony c1650

NOTE: Make sure to check out Malcolm’s Research below. See the related B09 DNA Groupings page for this family and others’ latest discoveries with DNA.
Hugh le Hore
Richard Hoare
b.1515bef in Lekhampton, Gloucester, England
d. xxxx xxxx
previously reported
Giles Hoare
c.1600 Lekhampton, Cloucester, England
1Richard Hoare is Malcolm’s (B05) documented EKA on his websites. He has since determined Richard is the grandfather of Giles; not the great-grandfather previously reported. He has also pushed back to a Hugh le Hore but not updated his websites to reflect this.

We are now updating this page to list Giles Hoare as the MRCA that links all these lines together. This after Malcolm’s research leads us to believe that Giles son John Hore is the one who fled to Virginia in the mid 1600’s and was the father of B06. Giles other son Robert Hore, b1627 is the start of Malcolm’s branched line.

This is a surprising link made via DNA that has yet to even be proposed as a hypothesis with genealogy. Malcolm’s longtime research in his family line has to somehow link up with the John Hord of Virginia descendants. And a number of others with very different surnames but near identical yDNA STR and SNP values. This page is to catalog the discovery process at finding the links. And the push on John Hord’s English ancestry, and how that may overlap with Malcolm’s study into his patrilineal line Gloucester roots. See the B09 DNA Study Page of this branch for details on the DNA matches. We document the genealogical study here.

In summary, here is the original EKA of each sub-branch before DNA matching caused a deeper analysis.
BranchEKA NameBMDBirth LocationNotes
B05Richard Hoareb.1515befLekhampton, Gloucester, England2x tester matches
B06John Hord 1b.1675circa , England4x testers match
B14Jesse Mundayb.1798Halifax, VA 4x testers match; Carver and Cox surname members also
B15 xxxx Elliston 2x testers match, awaiting to join
B15 Thomas Monroeb.1812  2x testers match, awaiting to join
B15Elijah Borenb1770circa 1x tester matches, awaiting to join
1 Alfred Hord of England had been reported for the EKA (English) Ancestry of John Hord by Robert Hord. Malcolm has been doing a more thorough review and is not sure of these results. So he is redeveloping the likely English source of John Hord to thus maybe find the connection to his line. It is looking more likely that John Hord was actually John Hore upon first arrival in Virginia.

While some of the more recent surname changes are known; an apparent surname change of so many is not yet understood; but would explain the “brick wall” in getting past their believed EKA in each case.

According to Malcolm, “The link where these names converge is likely early 1600 and 1700’s Westmoreland Parish, Stafford County, VA. and Essex County, VA. There are just too many co-incidences. The HORE family owned plantations next to the MONROE’s in Westmoreland Parish, and intermarried. Thomas MUNDAY held 500 acres in 1704 in Essex County where the HORE (HORD) family owned land, Thomas MUNDAY lived in Sittingbourne Parish, Essex County. Thomas MUNDAY was married [in] 1718 to Elizabeth HARRISON. The HARRISON family intermarried with both the HORE, MONROE and MUNDAY families, which is probably where the name Harrison MUNDAY came from. Elias HORE married Isabella TRIPLETT (parents William TRIPLETT and Isabella MILLER) in 1711, she then married William Burr HARRISON in 1734 after the death of Elias HORE. William HARRISON then looked after the four children of ELIAS HORE. lots to sort out.”

11 of these testers have done 111 STR markers and 3 (from the first three lines above) have done BigY. We need further verification (to 111 markers and deep (SNP testing) from the other lines before proceeding too deeply into a genealogical study on them all. But it is pretty clear these various family branches are all tied together into a single biological, patrilineal line.

Here is a working-theory, rough-progression of surname use for apparent patrilineal lines. Ones ending in asterisk (*) are a line that remained with that surname to present day. The origin and merger of the two English Hore lines has yet to be determined. For that matter, the order of any of these has yet to be determined. It may be some of the surnames carry back into England. We are simply presuming that Malcolm, with the oldest EKA is the origin of the surname. The order is speculative and yet to be made more definitive via genealogical and genetic study. The order is roughly based on the EKA of each line and a very rough, early correspondence of STR results.
Hore  -->  *  (no members of this branch known at this point)
     +--> Hoare --> *  (B05 Malcolm's line in England)
     +--> Hord --> *  (B06 John Hord descendants direct that retain the surname)
              +--> Munday --> *  (B14 Jesse Munday)
                         +--> Carver, Cox, Ritter (known changes)
              +--> Boren, Elliston, Monroe --> * (B15 catch all of rest)

This all started when Malcolm’s y37 test results first came in after we recruited him. We were wondering whether his deep Gloucester roots would like him to the Charles Hoare family with Gloucester roots. Not even close. Instead, among his matches, was a Horace Hord with believed genealogical links back to John Hord of Shady Grove, Virginia. This caused us to recruit others from the previously Other Branches of John Hord, none of which had tested. Their results came in and matched Malcolm as well. After contacting and starting to investigate the other matches, a convergence of place and time started to appear of their EKA in the early Virginia Colony area. This is the tightest knit group (based on DNA) of any in the project with over 10 participants and many testing to the limits of yDNA test capability.

Malcolm’s Research

Recent discoveries and current research is documented here; in reverse chronological order. Malcolm started by editing web (wiki) pages here under the title Malcolm’s Notes. He then started doing Malcolm’s Blog posts. But both were too restrictive on formatting. So now he is composing PDF documents and emailing them to the B09 email list as Malcolm’s Newsletter.
Malcolm’s Newsletter (being sent to the B09 member mailing list; may be behind login)
  • Dec2017 Supplemental: John Hord and Ambrose Hord marriages (new), misc
  • Dec 2017: Will the real John Hore stand up — likely the real ancestry of John Hord from Shady Grove, Virginia
  • Oct 2017: Munday’s of Essex County, Virginia (1600’s)
  • Sep 2017: Malcolm’s Hoare family; John Hoare/Hore family of Westmoreland/Stafford County from 1650’s just up to 1712
  • Aug 2017: Hore of Gloucestershire; Early land patents for Westmoreland County, Virginia; map of 1600’s Virginia with the location of families with surnames of the DNA matches here

Books and Articles (TBD)

Items that we may find useful. To review yet. If you have access, and want to review for the group, contact Malcolm.
  • Eaton, David W., “Historical Atlas Of Westmoreland County”, Dietz Press, Richmond, 1942 (copyrighted)(Google Books Digitized) (Utah Genealogical Society Microfilm), (Other Libraries)-- a book of maps of early land patents in Westmoreland County (digitized in 2007 @ UVa by Google but not available online)
  • Hore, Elias A.W., “Account Book 1871 - 1873” 171 pp, Gain Barcode:1106945, Library of Virginia — It records the individual accounts of customers. Each account lists transactions in chronological order, items purchased, and the amount owed and paid. Items sold by Hore include brandy, flour, fish hooks, corn, bacon, and wheat. Payments made by cash, barter such as oats and cider, or labor such as hauling goods. Volume also includes a listing of property belonging to Horse that was sold at auction. Information found in list includes item sold, name of purchaser, and amount paid. This item came to the Library of Virginia in shipments of court papers from Fauquier County.
  • Hore, Elias A.W., “Account Book 1843” 336pp, Mss5:3H7817:1, Virginia Historical Society. - This volume, kept by Hore presumably as a deputy sheriff in Stafford County, includes an alphabetical list of local tax payers and the property on which taxes were levied. Also, contains a list of free African Americans in Hore’s district of the county.