B10 Hore’s of the Jurassic Coast, England

See the yDNA Groupings page B10DNA for more information on why this group is created.

This is a grouping of family branches from the Jurassic Coast area of England (B10) that share a common ancestor in the past 500 years; as given by DNA Evidence. The genealogy needs to now catch up and find the link between them. All branches trace back to the same general area of Southeast Devon and far Western Dorset near the coast. Hence the temporary naming until the common EKA is found.

In summary, here is the EKA of each sub-branch along with the later-emigrating descendant. All tested and matching members link through one of these branches. All have a single tester except B01 which has over a dozen.
GrpEKA NameBMDBirth LocationEmigrated Name & DateBMDBirth Location
B01Thomas Hored.1538Axminster, Devon, EnglandHezekiah Hoar, 1633b.1608Sidmouth, Devon, England
B08Francis Hoareb.1653Beaminster, Dorset, England not disclosed, 1850’sb.18xxDorset, England
B11William Hoareb.1781Combpyne, Devon, EnglandLiving, 1970’sb.1946Woolwich, London, England
B21Robert Hoareb.1781Musbury, Devon, Englandsame, 1816d.1851Indiana

The current ancestors tested are all very closely matched. The strength of the yDNA STR match with William Hoare’s descendant implies that William Hoare may be from a descendant of Hezekiah Hoar or at most his brother. Project co-admin Randy from Hezekiah’s line, the one descendant of William, and the newly added descendant of Robert all test very tightly to each other; and farther from all the other Hezekiah descendants (and Francis of Doreset). But as Hezekiah went to the New World 150 years before William and Robert were born in Devon, it does not make sense that Randy would be more closely linked to these branches than his own Hezekiah one. Randy has shown, through pretty extensive Autosomal analysis, that his Peter branch is descendant from Hezekiah’s descendant Robert III. So it cannot be that Peter was a possible more recent emigrant and branched from a closer common ancestor of William and Robert. Francis is the most distant (DNA evidence implied time) from the Hezekiah, William, and Robert tested descendants. Thomas is the 2xGreat-Grandfather of Hezekiah and their EKA. None of the lines have traced any family branches that remained in England to the present day, at this time.

Click the map at the right to view the significant areas of these family branches that shows their geographic proximity to each other. Also depicted is the location of the Risford Manor Hore estate for comparison. The water’s edge is known as the Jurassic Coast and hence the naming of this group until a common ancestor is determined.

William Acton, working for Hoare’s Bank in London, is trying to trace the descendants of the Risford Manor Hore family line to the present day. At least the 1600 to 1700’s branches he could follow. His work has been captured by David G Hoare on his research website. See Research and Information page for more info. No patrilineal line to the present day has yet been found to find a possible DNA tester.