B13 Hoare’s of Northampton

Thomas HORE,
b.1480circa, Norton Davy (now Greens Norton), Northamptonshire, England
m.1500circa Elizabeth xxxx
See the placeholder B13 DNA Groupings page for more information on the latest discoveries with DNA.

This page / branch is a place holder for David G.’s benefit. We have not seen strong enough DNA test results nor genealogical material to justify that the Banking Hoare’s, the Faithful Hoare’s,and Edward Hoare’s clan (from the book of the same) are interlinked. Appears it could be probable given each groups independent work that takes them back to Greens Norton in the same time period. While we await for this branch to be built and justified, we add this page to group the previously separate family branches.

So far, there is a possibility of a DNA link between Faithful Hoare descendants and David G. / Edward Hoare group; both who trace roots back to Greens Norton, Northampton. An even weaker test result from the Banking Hoare family indicates a similar, possible link. There could be a match in all the cases but too many other stronger, unrelated matches exist. Deeper testing is needed to verify they truly are linked. The current “possibility” is based on the weak link in a very collapsed Haplotype for the Edward Hoare and Faithful Hoare branches. Weak link means a single tester on each of two ancient lines. Collapsed Haplotype means there are many, unrelated, just-as-strong STR matches. Unrelated matches are stronger to a member here than other members match each other. We really hope to see deeper testing and more detail to narrow the match to only likely related lines to then support the possible genealogical link.

A recent BigY result definitely links the Faithful Hoare and Edward Hoare descendants to having a common ancestor in the last 800 years or so. But STR results are still showing a large disparity.

We added an Autosomal study groups for the Richard Charles Hoare / Orr branch within the Faithful Hoare group who emigrated to North America in the mid-1800’s, and one for the Edward Hoare group with nearer term descendants who are testing. The group of testers is quickly growing while deeper testing is awaited.

David G shared a description of the common ancestor for these families on his website. Specifically, the description by William Acton of the Greens Norton, Northhampton Hoare family origins. (Access to the file, although an HTML file, causes a file download that you then must open in your browser as a separate action.)

Assuming this all pans out and is supported by DNA evidence, this page can be renamed to the EKA of Thomas Hore of Northampton d.1526circa. You are encouraged to research the other family pages grouped here as well.

In summary, here is the EKA of each sub-branch as known today along with the later better known descendant through which our tested members descend:
EKA NameBMDLocationDefining NameBMDLocationNotes
Maj Edward Hoared.1690County Cork, Ireland Maj. Ed. Hoare is believed a 2xGreat-Grandson of Thomas Hore 1
Faithful Hoareb.1683ca, d.1741caPaulerspury, Northampton, England Richard Charles Hoareb.1836,d/1916 Deanshanger, Northampton, EnglandFaithful Hoare is believed a 2xGreat-Grandson of Thomas Hore
Henry Hoared.1655Walton, Buckingham, EnglandSir Richard Hoare England Henry Hoare is believed a 2xGreat-Grandson of Thomas Hore 1

External References

1 David G’s “Research and Information” pages covering William Acton’s work for Hoare’s Bank.