B14 Munday, Carver and Cox b.1798 Halifax, Virginia

Jesse Munday
b.3 Oct 1798 in Halifax, Virginia
d. 1874 xxxx
See the related DNA Groupings page for this family and others’ latest discoveries with DNA. See B09-MundayOfVirginia for supplemental material.

For various reasons, we have started the Munday surname project at FamilyTreeDNA in support of this effort and others with the Munday name and its variants.

The Hoare and Hord group of England and Colonial Virginia continues to defy all convention and order we try to establish in the surname project. Requiring us to rethink our fundamentals of what and how to support researchers. This Munday family study is just a sub-part of that overall picture. Scarlet, Jody and Stan’s passionate work for their Munday family lines is just the tip of the iceberg of families like this that somehow, through strong DNA matching, are intertwined with multiple patrilineal surnames through time. But apparently converging back into neighboring farms in colonial Viriginia. So not only did we pull in the “Other” group of John Hord (formerly O1) together with Malcolm’s Line, but we now expand to support the Jesse Munday crowd and other several hundred year old family lines that are inexplicably linked. Here is their story and state of research into finding out how. Known sub-branches of Munday’s in nearer-term (Autosomal time frame) are Carver and Cox. Carver is a known, explicit name change. Jody with his Cox line believes there was an NPE with Jesse Munday as the biological father that was never recorded (Cox being the mother’s surname). Stan Munday has an EKA later in time than Jesse Munday but we are assuming he is a descendant of Jesse, at this time. Bill Foster believes his large Autosomal study are tied into the Munday line as well but is still working on connecting his large autosomal study into the patrilineal line mentioned here.

Jesse was born 3 Oct 1798 in Halifax, VA. Possible parents are Harrison Munday and Nancy Hughes, married 1789 in Halifax, VA. Another possible father is Isaac Munday. Records research further back in time has been fruitless to date.

As stated by Malcolm: “The HORE family owned plantations next to the MONROE’s in Westmoreland Parish, and intermarried.. Thomas MUNDAY held 500 acres in 1704 in Essex County where the HORE (HORD) family owned land, Thomas MUNDAY lived in Sittingbourne Parish, Essex County. Thomas MUNDAY was married 1718 to Elizabeth HARRISON. The HARRISON family intermarried with both the HORE, MONROE and MUNDAY families, which is probably where the name Harrison MUNDAY came from. Elias HORE married Isabella TRIPLETT (parents William TRIPLETT and Isabella MILLER) in 1711, she then married William Burr HARRISON in 1734 after the death of Elias HORE. William HARRISON then looked after the four children of ELIAS HORE. lots to sort out.”

A majority of the real work here is the related DNA Groupings page covering the autosomal study work that is closed to all but members of that study. Patrilineal line work is covered on the parent Virginia Colony DNA Groupings page. Due to the large, varied surname pool in just this sub-sub-group of the H600 Project, we have created a separate FamilyTreeDNA Munday Project to collect the many autosomal testers together. Any Munday’s who do not match the group here will be in that new Munday project to support their independent investigation there. Studies of the yDNA matches to this group will continue to be handled in this Virginia Colony group.

Researchers and Descendants (current)

Scarlet Munday a *YA  , Jesse Munday b.1798 VA1
Stan Munday *Y , John Munday b.1832 NC 1
Jody Cox b *Y   , Jefferson Davis Cox 2, Jesse Munday b.1798 VA1
Bill Foster c *Awt , Foster 1

* Family member DNA tested; placed in group (YDNA-STR and/or Autosomal SNP aka FamilyFinder)
** DNA test results pending; believed group based on genealogical work only
a: Jody believes through genealogical research that Maria Cox, an unmarried women, had a child Jefferson Davis Cox, with Jesse Munday as the father. DNA seems to validate this.
b: Scarlet knows of an explicit surname change from Munday to Carver in her line. She had a Carver and a Munday tested to show this.
c: Bill has a large Autosomal study of relatives who are off the Munday line

Books and Articles


Minor Sections in a Larger Work

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  • Hand, Robert Stephens, Those Members of the Brevard Family who Descended from John/Jean Brevard of France, Ireland and Maryland and Settled in Maryland, North Carolina and Tennessee and Later in Mississippi, Texas and Other Points South, 1990?, Chadsford, PA, 224pp (Catalog: (WorldCat), (Google)) (copyrighted)

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