B15 Monroe, Elliston and Boren


b.xxxx in xxxx
m. xxx xxxx in xxx, xxx
d. xxxx xxxx
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The Hoare and Hord group of England and Virginia continues to defy all convention and order we try to establish in the surname project. Requiring us to rethink our fundamentals of what and how to support researchers. This is simply the catch all group for the rest of the testers matching strongly into the Hoare, Hord et al group that we are trying to figure out.

Researchers and Descendants (current)

. *Y (2x)  , Thomas Monroe b.1812 1
*Y (2x) , Elliston b.xxxx 1
*Y   , Elijah Boren b1770circa 1

* Family member DNA tested; placed in group (YDNA-STR and/or Autosomal SNP aka FamilyFinder)
** DNA test results pending; believed group based on genealogical work only

Researchers and Descendants (historic)


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