B16 Unknown Hoar, Hempstead, England?

Family Branches below:

This is a grouping of family branches that each have a single tester and are not detailed here. The two testers likely share a common ancestor; as given by DNA Evidence. The genealogy needs to now catch up and find the link between them. One branch is from Hemel, Hempstead, England. The other is unknown in the USA due to adoption. There is not enough commonality to even determine a temporary name until the common EKA is found.

In summary, here is the EKA of each sub-branch along with the later-emigrating descendant through which our tested members all link..
EKA NameBMDBirth Location
Richard Hoarb.1803abt, d.1853Hemel, Hempstead, England
unknown (adopted) USA?

More work on the DNA matching needs to occur before assistance on finding this adopted thread can progress.