Maj. Edward Hoare
b.1621 Greens Norton, Northampton, England
d.1654 in County Cork, Ireland

Descendant Capt. Edward Hoare publishes a book in 1880 which is one of the main sources to regurgitate information from many different family lines and proclaim they are linked. He does include his own family recent lines. We extract an Earliest Known Ancestor EKA from the work showing a direct pedigree line to historian Captain Edward from Major Edward Hoare who died in County Cork in 1654.

Edward simply claims a link to the William Hore who sold the Risford Manor in Devon in 1630. As he had no other real leads. Says several of William’s issues went onto Ireland, mostly in service of military, and found a number of family lines there. He then proceeds to include the Devon family and much of the Hoare banking family in his book. It takes up one half of the book; much just copied directly from Sir Richard Colt Hoare’s book, it appears. Also Capt Edward claims to link the Wiltshire Hoare Bank family to the Devon Hore family as well; a link Sir Richard Colt Hoare only conjectured in his work. He includes information on the Charles Hoare of Gloucester line in the appendix; info he obtained from George Frisbee Hoare in North America. Circumstantially, he believes that Charles Hoare and his family to be the same family and both coming from the Devon Risford Manor line. He mostly makes his claims through the use of a similar coats of arm (unsubstantiated heraldry). It is partly to prove (or disprove as the case may be) the many claims of this book that many are involved in this project.

David G and his brother Richard J have since researched and believe this EKA Edward was born in Greens Norton, Northampton, England. Independently, it appears that some research being conducted by genealogist William Acton is linking Henry Hoare of the Hoare’s Bank Line up to the same family in Greens Norton. There is a claim of a DNA test showing this. But as the DNA link of David to the Faithful Hoare group of Northampton is inconclusive, we suspect the link to Hoare’s Bank line is the same. We are awaiting deeper yDNA STR and SNP testing of all the parties involved. Inconclusive means it is still possible and not proven wrong with the evidence given. Follow this progress in the parent grouping above. But in any case, we move this group out of the Historical and into this working group as there are now current researchers and testers.

Researchers and Descendants (current)

David G.*YA and
Richard J Hoare
url  Joseph Charles7, Canon Edward6, Samuel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Joseph2, Edward1
Antony Hoare *yA ** Anc Edward Brodie 7, Canon Edward6, Samuel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Joseph2, Edward1

* Family member DNA tested; placed in group (YDNA-STR and/or Autosomal SNP aka FamilyFinder)
** DNA test results pending; believed group based on genealogical work only
Joseph Charles appears on page 42 of the book (born 1851).

Researchers and Descendants (historic)

Capt. Edward Hoare Capt Edward6, Edward5, Edward4, Robert3, Edward2, Edward1

Note that Capt. Edward Hoare, the author below, never married nor had children. He is listed on page 28 in the book (born 1807)

Books and Articles

  • Hoare, Edward, Some account of the early history and genealogy, with pedigrees from 1330, unbroken to the present time, of the families of Hore and Hoare, 1883, A.R. Smith, London (Archive.org).  Some mention there are many inaccuracies in this work; beside the linking of so many disparate families.

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Notable Family Members

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