Randy formalized his genealogical work starting in December 2008 with the creation and use of his online DB and wiki; the precursor to this site. He developed experience with online sites and pages in support of industry groups and non-profits since 1988 when he created the first one. (Yes, this is even before the creation of the URL and WWW / HTML standard!) His impetus into more formally studying genealogy was the loss of several family members over the previous ten years and the needed desire to capture history from his parents before he lost them and all their history for his descendants forever. His mother is a first generation immigrant and has over 50 first cousins who knows every one, their spouses and kids. His father’s family and history is what has created the most challenge.

Randy expanded into Genetic Genealogy in May 2011 with a personal yDNA STR test. He has now manages over 50 test kits with near and distant relatives; and even some simply a part of this H600 project here. Kits include testing everything from Autosomes w/ X, yDNA STR and SNP, and Mitochondrial DNA. He has delved deeply into the testing process, the biology of DNA inheritance in cells, and vendor tools that help study and manipulate test lab results. Randy manages or helps manage five family DNA projects (four on FamilyTreeDNA) and manages an additional two surname projects. He founded the Guild of One-Name Studies search into these surnames covered here as well. To date he has not sought any professional certifications nor speaking engagements; although has been often encouraged to do so.

Professionally, Randy is a trained Computer Engineer and spent most of his professional life in Silicon Valley, California. See his Sevni consulting page for more information there.

Randy has spent his career creating online help sites for various groups in the industry or non-profits he has helped with. His first was a dialup Bulletin Board System (BBS) setup in 1988 to support the VHDL Users Group. This became on online, “internet” resource in 1993 when he registered the name “vhdl.org”, bought a C block of IP’s from Stanford’s BarrNet, setup a dedicated T3 line, and purchased a SunStation server. Soon after, he expanded this effort and renamed it to “eda.org” and managed the ever expanding activity there for over ten more years. After switching gears and industries, he soon got back into it with his new found passion of soccer and soccer refereeing. This quickly led to several sites and servers that he now “leased” share space from established server providers. One of these sites led to his first introduction to using Wiki’s and incorporating the TikiWiki software: AYSOWiki,org. In parallel, Randy had set up a personal, home site of Modiharr.com where, when starting genealogy in 2008, he loaded up tools such as PHPGedView, TikiWiki, Menalto Gallery and more. To help with generalizing this genealogy effort more, and due to other support hosted out of the family site, Randy created the mycuz.us site in 2011 and moved his genealogy work there. This h600.org site followed as a natural extension in early 2016.