* FTDNA problems with Ancestry Autosomal transfers (continuing)

Author: System Administrator - Published Mon 22 of Jan, 2018 16:39 EST
FamilyTreeDNA took many months before they would upload the new v2 format from Ancestry. But they eventually did. Now seems they are falling back into the same cracks and issue with many reporting problems. We found a forum heavy under discussion of the issue and a fix that works for some.

* Malcolm offers new English ancestry for John Hord, c1675, Shady Grove, VA

Author: Randy Harr - Published Sun 10 of Dec, 2017 17:58 EST
Malcolm has been researching the possible English ancestry for John Hord of Shady Grove, VA by looking through early Virginia records. He thinks he has found the story in a John Hore, son of Giles Hore, who was involved in a rebellion and sent away from England. This John Hore is likely the father of John Hord of Shady Grove.

* FamilyTreeDNA expands their SNP Pack offering

Author: Randy Harr - Published Sun 23 of Oct, 2016 00:57 EDT
Many groups can benefit by having remaining members take the appropriate yDNA SNP Pack test to verify they are in the same haplogroup That is, if one or more members in a matching STR haplotype have already taken the BigY, and an appropriate SNP Pack has been identified to cover the terminal (leaf) haplogroup identified by that BigY test, then other members need just take that SNP Pack test instead of BigY to confirm they are in the same haplogroup.

* R1b-U152 Project initiated on YahooGroups.

Author: Randy Harr - Published Wed 03 of Feb, 2016 17:01 EST
R1b-P312 has a further branch, that is likely long overdue, of this behemoth branch of the yDNA phylogenetic tree. At least with regards to an online discussion forum. U152 has a large enough user base on its own to warrant its own subgroup away from the other P312 chatter and its other main branches DF27 and L21. As a result, there is yet another Yahoo Group for R1b and specifically below the R1b-P312 forums. Our very own Tim Peterman is this new discussion group admin.
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