* FamilyTreeDNA expands their SNP Pack offering

Author: Randy Harr - Published 2016-10-23 00:57
Many groups can benefit by having remaining members take the appropriate yDNA SNP Pack test to verify they are in the same haplogroup That is, if one or more members in a matching STR haplotype have already taken the BigY, and an appropriate SNP Pack has been identified to cover the terminal (leaf) haplogroup identified by that BigY test, then other members need just take that SNP Pack test instead of BigY to confirm they are in the same haplogroup.

* R1b-U152 Project initiated on YahooGroups.

Author: Randy Harr - Published 2016-02-03 17:01
R1b-P312 has a further branch, that is likely long overdue, of this behemoth branch of the yDNA Haplogroup tree. At least with regards to an online discussion forum. U152 has a large enough user base on its own to warrant its own subgroup away from the other P312 chatter and its other main branches DF27 and L21. As a result, there is yet another Yahoo Group for R1b and specifically below the R1b-P312 forums. Our very own Tim Peterman is this new discussion group admin.

* Why you need traditional Genealogy with Genetic Testing

Author: Randy Harr - Published 2015-10-31 10:39
Some think (initially) that Genetic testing should be an exact science of what is, and so will exactly tell you who to and how you are related. In reality, genetic testing just gives additional, often vague clues which must be used with other information to come up with hypothesis' of the probable relationships. Trying to figure out the relationship without traditional genealogy is like trying to do a Jigsaw puzzle with only the backs of the pieces showing. Pieces may fit, but when you turn the puzzle over you see how dramatically off you are. Further, a pretty strong analogy between genetic genealogy triangulation and GPS-based location determination can be made. And is given to encourage all to get as many, more distant relatives tested to assist the process of breaking through brick walls.

* 23andMe pulls a Netflix; loses our recommended status

Author: System Administrator - Published 2015-10-25 19:10
The genetic testing company 23andme appears to have pulled a Netflix act — acting on their own, future-vision self-interest and completely ignoring needs of their current customer base. According to some, this is not the first time either. As a result, the H600 Project can no longer recommend them as the first choice for any member to join the project nor for Autosomal DNA work.