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Site Help (Wiki)
48.00 KB Mon 17 of Apr, 2017 Mon 17 of Apr, 2017
Glossary (Wiki)
Support files for Glossary Entries
3.61 MB Mon 05 of Jun, 2017 Mon 17 of Apr, 2017
Reference Material (Wiki: Family Branches)
A repository of reference material and sources. Sometimes just a backup to a document available elsewhere. Others sourced here. Some a private, personal copy of a copyright-protected item that is not available for general distribution.
109.54 MB Sun 14 of Jan, 2018 Sun 27 of Nov, 2016
Malcolm's Notes (Blog)
Folder for files in support of Malcolm's Blog
10.06 MB Mon 17 of Apr, 2017 Sun 27 of Nov, 2016
Charts, etc (Wiki: DNA Grouping)
Various Haplogroup chart captures from FamilyTreeDNA.com, ISOGG.org, ytree.net (R1b-P312), and yfull.com that are used on DNA Grouping pages here.
4.33 MB Tue 30 of Jan, 2018 Sat 18 of Jun, 2016
Site Files
Misc files required to operate the site. Should remain anonymous as includes logos and similar on title pages and such.
231.18 KB Mon 09 of Jan, 2017 Sun 31 of May, 2015