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Site Files
Misc files required to operate the site. Should remain anonymous as includes logos and similar on title pages and such.
231.18 KB 2017-01-09
DNA Grouping (Wiki)
Various Haplogroup chart captures from FamilyTreeDNA.com, ISOGG.org, ytree.net (R1b-P312), and yfull.com that are used on DNA Grouping pages here.
3.48 MB 2017-09-02
Malcolm's Notes (Blog)
Folder for files in support of Malcolm's Blog
10.06 MB 2017-04-17
Reference Material (Wiki: Family Branches)
A repository of reference material and sources. Sometimes just a backup to a document available elsewhere. Others sourced here. Some a private, personal copy of a copyright-protected item that is not available for general distribution.
30.03 MB 2017-04-17
Glossary (Wiki)
Support files for Glossary Entries
3.61 MB 2017-06-05
Site Help (Wiki)
48.00 KB 2017-04-17