Site Help

We have many classes of members here beyond the anonymous, non-logged in, purveyors from the Internet. The classes of members, or User Groups, are Registered Viewers, Historians, Researchers and Editors.
  • Registered Viewers simply get access to more pages in the Wiki, are allowed to participate in the web- / email-based forums, and get access to more files. They are our basic, entry-level members who login to get member access to files and information.
  • Historians are the first step of more responsibility beyond a basic registered viewer. They get editing rights to the Wiki pages to add more, correct or improve content to known Family Branches and related pages.
  • Researchers are the next step and can moderate forums, approve Wiki page changes, and have similar increases in responsibility. They tend to manage a Family Branch they participate in.
  • Editors are the gurus who have the ultimate administrative role to approve new membership, settle disputes, and decide on conventions and operations of this site; including new Family Branches to add.
The User Gruops are listed in increasing responsibility and capability. Membership in a more responsible group includes membership in the group(s) that came before it. Visibility of the site help pages here is limited to membership in that User Group. There are no further Site Help pages for anonymous, non-logged in, non-registered users. contact one of the Editors if interested in increasing your role to help out more.

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