We are saddened to announce the quick passing of our co-founder and long time researcher Rosalyn Gardner Edson. We all thought we would have more time. Roz was a pioneer in helping others online to research the Horr / Hoar lines in North America. She spent over 25 years publishing her database online and collaborating with others to correct and expand it. Many tricky and incorrect facts that were prevalent are now documented within her large body of work. In searching for her past, she found her work helpful to others and always provided further help to improve others work and incorporate it into her own. Roz will be remembered fondly by her world-wide internet community as we work to maintain that standard of excellence and update her Rootsweb Worldconnect Database. She had of late been working on a one-name study of the surname in Southwest England. Her to-date results are also posted at Worldconnect. “With God Speed and Kind Regards” was the way Roz signed off on her email messages. And so we close this article and wish her the same on her journey with her ancestors. Thank you Roz for sharing so much. Rosalyn Gardner Edson, 1951-2016. Daughter of Kathleen Horr and descendant of Hezekiah Hoar.