B23 John Hoare b.1830 Bristol

John Jarvis Hoare
b.1830 Bristol, Bristol, England
m. Ann Hayward and Annie Brown,
d.1906 Stellarton, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada
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A placeholder for the singlet of John J. Hoare. DNA testing has them isolated (no surname line matching) to date.

Researchers and Descendants (current)

Gail Driscoll *YAAnc Charles Hoare2, John J Hoare1
* Family member DNA tested; placed in group (YDNA-STR and/or Autosomal SNP aka FamilyFinder)
** DNA test results pending; believed group based on genealogical work only
Pink for female in lineage, italic for portion of line that is not patrilineal,
pink, bold, italic for female that starts the break from a patrilineal line (daughter of patrilineal line)

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